The Grande Finale

In a few weeks, I am graduating college. In a few weeks, I am starting a marketing job in New York. In a few weeks, I am moving into my parents’ house in suburban New Jersey. In a few weeks, everything I have grown to accustomed to as a college student will be, quite honestly, fairly useless.


In the past four years, my writing has fallen into one of two categories: it’s either academic writing for a paper, or it’s teenage angst writing for emotional repeal. Suddenly, as I enter into the adult world, I am forced to wonder where my writing will take me. For the first time, I have control over it. There are no requirements or guidelines, and there may not necessarily be a rant that needs to be released on paper. I do not have to write for school and I do not have to write for myself. I now have the opportunity to develop my voice as a writer and weed out a message that I actually want to share with the world.


I have a strong voice. I love talking with people, which eventually turns into interviews. I can visualize the images that need to accompany my piece to make it stronger. I can edit, I can critique, I can design, yet now it is time to develop my skills even further. With the sudden freedom to write on anything, my goal is to find my story angles and curate captivating pieces.


So, as I set out into this unmapped territory of creative freedom, all I can do is keep writing, keep reading, and keep working towards the voice that I want to leave behind.


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