Query Letter for Baltimore Magazine

Ms. Amy Mulvihill


Baltimore Magazine

1000 Lancaster St.

Suite 400,

Baltimore, MD, 21202


Dear Ms. Mulvihill:


Baltimore has been labeled “The City That Reads,” “The Greatest City in America,” and “A Great Place to Grow,” but the city is ready for a new title: “Baltimore: Coffeetown.” My article explores the city in a series of taste tests, interviews, and recommendations with a mission to seek out the best coffee places in Baltimore. After an extensive immersion in the world of Baltimore coffee, the article determines if the city can indeed be termed a Coffeetown, or if the pot has not yet brewed.


In a strong first-person point of view, my article follows the stories of a number of Baltimore coffee shops and owners, concluding in a determination on the status of Baltimore’s Coffeetown potential title.


This article, a lighthearted and personable look at the Baltimore coffee community, is targeted at all adventure-seeking foodies, interesting in immersing themselves in the city’s taste offerings.


Thank you for taking the time to consider my work and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.




Jordan Scharf


Baltimore, MD, 21218


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